May 12, 2018

Coloured Vision - The Indian View

Naomi Campbell
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‘Kale gore ka bhed nhi har dil se hamara nata hai.’ ( There is no discrimination on the basis of colour. We are related by hearts). The famous lines of the song in Manoj Kumar starrer ‘Poorab aur Paschim’ may make many of us proud. But the coloured perception of our politicians compels us to think whether it is true. Not accepting our own brown daughter  worthy enough of holding the Miss World title just because of the colour of her skin shows their mental bankruptcy.

The narrow perception of our honourable politicians are reflected when one of them refused to accept that ‘Brown’ Diana Hayden deserved to be awarded the crown of Miss World  although she already had one justifiably so. That beauty should look ideally like Indian Goddess Lakshmi and Saraswati is also an affront to our faith in them. The politician in question can however be pardoned and taken for face value if one is to believe his claim that there was internet in era of Mahabharata. He must have seen these goddesses !

Beauty is not limited to skin colour only.It comprises many aspects. True beauty lies in beholder’s eyes, it is said. Unfortunately this narrow mindedness is not limited to politicians only. A major portion of the population is obsessed with white skin though they themselves are brown. Since 1975, we Indians have been blindly using fairness creams in their attempt to become ‘gora’ or ‘gori’. If one goes through matrimonial pages of the newspaper almost 99% adds mention the skin-colour,of course as ‘gora rang’ (white colour) gets preference. Even Jet-black boys also want fair complexioned girls.

Beauty is about being comfortable with your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are. Being dark doesn’t mean end of world. Whiteness hasn’t had monopoly over beauty.Black/brown skinis celebrated throughout the world and they have won miss universe and miss world titles. Emmys Iss Rae miss universe won in 2007. Jennifer Josephine Hosten won the miss world contest in 1970 she was the first woman from Grenada and the first of woman of African ancestry to hold the crown. In India Bipasha Basu, a black beauty, is adored by many youths and also made her mark in the Bollywood.

Beauty cannot be placed in one frame. It has many dimensions as one it’s kind was seen when brave acid attack victims took the cat walk to challenge conventional standards on international women’s day eve. If a person can’t perceive beauty of their courage, its better to be blind. Feeding your grandmother if she is unable to move her hands, is the beautiful picture of relationship. Beauty is counted among the ultimate values, as goodness, truth and justice. Physical beauty is frivolous but eternal beauty of mind takes a person to the state of ecstasy. 

A biased view of perceiving beauty because she doesn’t fit in your school of thought is not acceptable. Our mother India would be hurt, when her worthy daughter are dubbed undeserving just because of her dark skin. You are colour blind if you do so.
Bhola Nath Tiwari


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