April 25, 2020

Moon & Venus Conjunction in the night sky

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The moon and the Venus conjunction will be seen in the sky.

Yes, you read it right. The "Evening Star" Venus will meet up with the waxing, crescent moon in the night sky this weekend. You can spot the celestial pair above the western horizon after sunset.

On April 26 at 8:53 P.M, the Moon and Venus will come so close to each other that they will be at the lowest angular distance in this month.  The angular distance between them will be about 6°. Both of these will start appearing in the night sky of Lucknow only after sunset. The approaching of these two can be seen from 6:52 P.M in the evening and the distance between them will be the lowest at around 8:53 P.M in the night. This will be a wonderful event for Astro-photographers whose pictures everyone would like to keep. The next moon and Venus conjunct will be seen on 23 May 2020.  This is a very good event for children and those who are fond of Astronomy.

In addition, the planet Venus, which orbits the Earth ahead of the Earth's orbit, is visible to us for some time in several months, either in the morning or sometime in the evening.

On 28 April, the Sun will be the farthest relative to the planet Venus.  This means that the planet Venus will appear the brightest on the 28th. On this day the brightness of the planet Venus will reach (-4.73).  And if one's eyes are perfectly healthy, then he can see the arts of planet Venus with naked eyes.  Otherwise, to see the art of Venus, a simple visionary can be taken help.

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And lastly, if clouds obscure your view of Venus and the moon tonight, don't fret — future opportunities to see them together again will come on 23rd May, 2020.

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Swapnil Rastogi


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